Software Selection Top 10 List

Software Selection Top 10 List by Plan in Motion, Inc.®

  1. Set realistic expectations and monitor throughout the process
  2. Select a dedicated project team and build a comprehensive plan
  3. Define business processes and identify improvement opportunities
  4. Prepare a solid business case, identifying tangible and intangible benefits
  5. Establish project KPIs and estimate project ROI, if possible
  6. Calculate TCO and budget based on major  project deliverables
  7. Identify strategies for business and project risk management 
  8. Understand the impact of change management
  9. Facilitate stakeholder communication throughout the project
  10. Follow a proven software selection methodology:
    Research vendors and interview key stakeholders
    Prioritize requirements, prepare scenarios and demo scripts
    Assess software, service and support offerings; not just brand
    Due diligence: evaluate, clarify, consensus and references
    Negotiate software, support and services; accountability is key


The next installment:  At the end of the day, I care about successful outcomes and doing what’s best for my clients. That is why Plan in Motion, Inc. assists customers with software selection. An ERP system, is a long term investment, therefore, a thorough evaluation of your options under the guidance of a process expert is required; (1) a solid business case for the acquisition, (2) an effective business process in place, and (3) a realistic plan of execution established up front. The upcoming posts review the steps in the software selection process.

Suanne McGrath-Kelly is President of Plan in Motion Inc. in Toronto. Her passion for problem solving and commitment to help clients achieve successful outcomes has made her a trusted executive advisor. She is a known thought leader and mentor in the business community with active involvement on boards and professional associations. She has published dozens of business technology papers and presented on the topics such as Digital Transformation, C-suite Alignment, and Women in Technology. Beyond her love of all things strategy, she enjoys creativity, cooking and the great outdoors.


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