Bookend your HCM Strategy with Employee Experience & Compliance

There are many reasons to embark on a HCM initiative but often those reasons do not land with the executive team. As HR makes a move to be a more strategic function, it is most important to align your messaging with words that resonate with leadership. The business case you put forth to change processes and implement software must align with organizational goals. The reality is HCM is not just about HR.

Plan in Motion uses a comprehensive HCM Framework that is centered around Employee Experience and Compliance. The cross-functional approach focuses on all organizational inputs and outputs that impact Human Capital Management.

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Suanne McGrath-Kelly is President of Plan in Motion Inc. in Toronto. Her passion for problem solving and commitment to help clients achieve successful outcomes has made her a trusted executive advisor. She is a known thought leader and mentor in the business community with active involvement on boards and professional associations. She has published dozens of business technology papers and has presented on topics such as Digital Transformation, C-suite Alignment, and Women in Technology. Beyond her love of all things strategy, she enjoys creating, cooking and the great outdoors. 

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